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Product & System Service

LSCM has a rich portfolio of ready-to-market technologies for commercialisation by industries. By clicking the items from below three categories (Technology, Industry, System), the solutions will be shown according to your needs.

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Product & System Service Industry System Technology Deliverables

Trial: RFID Tagging and Packaging Technology for Food Products

Construction IOT systems Passive RFID

Rear RFID Sensing/ Alarm System design

Trial: Enabling Technologies for Baby Tracking in Hospital Environment (Tamper resistant & reusable baby tag)

Construction IOT systems Active RFID
  1. Safety Belt sensing tag designs
  2. Reader Design
  3. Monitoring System Software (include Reader Coordinator and Monitoring server application)
  4. Handheld Device Application
  5. Wireless charger design

Build and Operate a Ground Receiveing Station of the ENVISAT Remote Sensing Satellite for All-waether Environmental Monitoring

Construction Application/Service System Remote Sensing Technology
  1. Computer server and workstations with the customised integrated software to process COSMO-SkyMed image
  2. Report generation modules
  3. Monthly monitoring results of different land types on the airport platform
  4. training materials and technical documents.

Trusted Network-based RFID Infrastructure (for CWRA's Site Attendance Module System)

Construction Security Systems Passive RFID
  1. Trusted Reader Device-Standalone (TRD-S)
  2. Trusted Reader Device-Mobile (TRD-M)
  3. Trusted Exchange Data Apps (TED-A)

Location-based Technologies for Asset Tracking and Risk Management

Construction BIM Systems Ultra Wideband Technologies
  1. Real Time location System (RTLS)
  2. Location Network Manager
  3. Virtual Construction Simulation System (VCS)

Smart Construction Platform based on Cloud BIM and Image Processing

Construction BIM Systems BIM Technology
  1. BIM-based work order generation module
  2. Work order information extraction module
  3. Work progress tracking module

A Virtual Reality System for Strategic Operations Training

Construction,Logistics & Supply Chain Management
  1. the Cave structure
  2. 3D projection
  3. Tracking system

RFID-Enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) Platform for Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong

Construction BIM Systems Passive RFID,BIM Technology
  1. System architecture design based on HKHA requirement analysis
  2. RFID-enabled Building information modeling Platform (RBIMP)
  3. RBIMP Decision Support Services (RBIMP-DSS)

Enabling Technology for IoT Mesh network and Building Information Model for Building Life Cycle Management

Construction BIM Systems BIM Technology
  1. Semantic knowledge base BIM system for building lifecycle management in the design and construction phase
  2. A portal of 3D BIM model integrated with Bluetooth beacon and RFID tagged building facilities for facility management