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Project Reference: ITP/045/13LP
Project Title: RFID-Enabled Building Information Modeling (BIM) Platform for Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: This project proposes to develop an RFID-enabled service-oriented BIM platform for enhancing prefabrication housing production in Hong Kong. The urgency for this proposal has been gauged from recent initiatives in the field within Hong Kong Housing Authority and its business partners. The proposal is firmly built upon R&D strengths accumulated among the applicant and collaboration organizations including The University of Hong Kong, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Hong Kong Housing Authority. The platform provides three sets of innovative technical deliverables. The first set includes core technologies that help creating smart construction infrastructure where real-time construction data are captured using advanced ubiquitous devices. The second set includes service-oriented decision support systems for facilitating decisions and operations at three key stages of the house construction project lifecycle (prefab production, prefab logistics and house construction with prefabs). The third set includes real-time information traceability, visibility and interoperability tools that integrate and interact with existing information systems. The use of the platform will facilitate (1) seamless communication and coordination among multiple stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle; (2) more efficient cross-border prefabrication logistic and supply chain management (LSCM) and (3) better coordination at construction sites for Just-In-Time (JIT) housing production.
Project Coordinator: Prof. George Q. HUANG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$7.37M
Project Period: 16 Mar 2014 – 15 Mar 2016
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