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Press Release

Press Release

Date Article
25 Apr 2024 pdf LSCM Wins 8 Awards at the 49th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
11 Oct 2023 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2023 “The Role of Smart Logistics in Facilitating the Greater Bay Area Development” Exploring smart logistics with e-commerce technologies, supply chain digital transformation and Hong Kong’s smart city advancements
29 Apr 2023 pdf LSCM Wins 6 Awards at 48th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
30 Sep 2022 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2022 “Rise Above the Challenges with Innovation” Showcasing the latest technologies in logistics and related sectors for the industry to seize unlimited future opportunities and flourish in the new normal
28 Apr 2022 pdf LSCM and PolyU jointly forecast the development of COVID-19 with technical design for district-based Compulsory Universal Testing
10 Sep 2021 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2021 - “Innovate and Revitalise to Win over the COVID-19” Showcasing the latest technologies in logistics and other sectors for industries to innovate and revitalise to win over the COVID-19
31 May 2021 pdf LSCM supports the HKSAR Government’s COVID-19 Vaccination Programme with the special leave for LSCM employees
22 Apr 2021 pdf LSCM’s COVID-19 Related and Smart City Technologies Win Four Awards at the Special Edition 2021 Inventions Geneva Evaluation Days
20 Sep 2019 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2019 -Showcasing latest technology innovations in logistics and other sectors for industries to capture the opportunities in the Greater Bay Area
09 May 2019 pdf LSCM Wins Five Awards at the 47th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva
14 Mar 2019 pdf LSCM Smart Living Gerontechnology Roadshow 2019 Officially Kicks Off Today
05 Oct 2018 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2018- MoU Signing for HK-Zhuhai Trade Facilitation Platform Showcasing latest technology innovations in Hong Kong
28 May 2018 pdf Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies Renamed as Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre
26 Apr 2018 pdf LSCM R&D Centre Wins Four Awards at the 46th International Exhibition of Inventions of Geneva “An Ultra-Wideband Activity Monitoring System for Solitary Elderly” and “Video Analytics for Resource Management” Win two Gold Medals
15 Sep 2017 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2017- Robotics and Technologies Open Up New Business Prospects For Local Logistics Industry by Enhancing Operational Efficiency LSCM Showcases Latest Enabling Technologies for the Belt and Road Initiative
13 Jun 2017 pdf LSCM R&D Centre Showcases New Technologies in GIES Helping Ageing In Place Three Newly-developed Robots Enhance Elderly’s Quality of Life and Safety
02 May 2017 pdf LSCM R&D Centre Collaborates with HK Post, Customs & Excise Dept and HKMA 3 Technologies Triumph at Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions RFID-enabled Parcel Locker System, E-Lock and e-Cheque Won one Gold and two Silver Medals
29 Sep 2016 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2016 - Winning the Belt and Road Opportunity Enabled by Innovation and Technologies Showcases latest Logistics Technologies Contributing our Strengths to the Need of the Country
13 Jun 2016 pdf LSCM R & D Centre’s “Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Technology Forum” Gathers Academics and Industry Practitioners VR & AR Bring Breakthroughs in Business
21 Apr 2016 pdf LSCM R&D Centre awarded “Gold medal with congratulations of the jury” in Class C (computation, software engineering, electronics) by its research project "The Smart Blind Cane" at the Geneva International Exhibition of Invention
17 Mar 2016 pdf Robotics Era Creates New Living Style Hong Kong LSCM Innovative Technology Carnival Introduces Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Robotics Sportsman, 4D Food Printer and More
19 Oct 2015 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2015 - Leaders Share Views on eCommerce, eLogistics and Latest Location-based Services (LBS) Technologies
06 Aug 2015 pdf LSCM R&D Centre and CUHK co-developed cost-effective and user-friendly real-time environmental monitoring system for 24-hour monitoring temperature, humidity & illumination
14 Apr 2015 pdf LSCM R&D Centre showcases latest IoT Technologies Contributing to Logistics and Social Services Sector
22 Sep 2014 pdf Towards an Era of Internet of Things Explore the Immeasurable Business Opportunities
04 Jun 2014 pdf Read Menu or Differentiate the Right Food? No Longer a Problem! LSCM R&D Centre’s Latest RFID Reader Ignites Hope for the Visually Impaired
19 Feb 2014 pdf LSCM Roadshow 2014 Showcases ‘Your Ideal Smart City’ “AuthenTick™” and other Advanced Technologies Lead to a Modernized City
24 Sep 2013 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2013 Innovative technologies Break New Grounds and Bring Best Possible Results
26 Feb 2013 pdf Logistics Innovation for a Safer and More Comfortable Life “Hong Kong Logistics Story” by LSCM A Showcase of Cross-century Logistics Development
03 Sep 2012 pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2012 - Technology is the Key to Retain Competitive Edge and To Excel
03 Apr 2012 pdf LSCM’s R&D increases Hong Kong’s competency - E-Lock and Airport RFID Baggage Handling System
16 Jan 2012 pdf UHF RFID Reader Chip, Bringing NFC-Enabled Handset Application to the Next Phase
03 Jun 2011 pdf LSCM R&D Centre will participate in Retail Asia Expo 2011
05 May 2011 pdf LSCM R&D Centre will participate in SmartHK, Guangzhou
26 Mar 2010 pdf LSCM R&D Centre Presents Second Annual Conference
19 Jun 2009 pdf LSCM R&D Centre will participate in the Retail Asia Expo & Congress
31 Mar 2009 pdf LSCM R&D Centre Presents First Annual Conference
02 Jun 2008 pdf The 6th China (Beijing) RFID International Summit
10 Sep 2007 pdf Innovation Expo 2007
27 Aug 2007 pdf I.T. Forum (e-Logistics Internetworking Connecting from Trucking to Electronic Transaction)
18 Jun 2007 pdf Industry & Technology Forum - Series 1
14 May 2007 pdf The Announcement of Regulation on RFID Technology Application in 800/900 MHz Frequency Band
10 May 2007 pdf The 5th China (Beijing) RFID International Summit
24 Oct 2006 CE briefed by Innovation and Technology Commission
20 Apr 2006 Research and Development Centres open today