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R&D Focus

To develop core technological competencies and enhance efficiency in the logistics and supply chain industries, LSCM has undertaken industry-oriented research projects involving businesses and universities. R&D projects funded by the Centre range from the use of RFID in applications for manufacturing shop-floors, retail and distribution use, freight tracking and locating (indoor and outdoor) to monitoring personnel in hospitals, as well as electronic lock (E-lock) technology to secure transshipment cargo containers. LSCM's technology roadmap is demand-driven with an emphasis on enabling industries to innovate and move up the value chain. This roadmap focuses on Six major areas:


  1. Infrastructure Information Technology System

  2. Internet-of-Things (IoT) and RFID Technology

  3. Location-based Service (LBS) Technology

  4. Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics and Applications

  5. Supply Chain Security (Authentication / Logistics Security)

  6. Financial Services & e-Commerce Technology



Expertise & Projects

Technology System
  ITFS E-Lock System   RFID Platform Interoperable Gateway
  Manufacturing Shop-Floor Information System   Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality
  Mobile Mesh-Network   Product Information Kiosk
  Waterway Logistics Service Platform   Building Information Modeling System
and RFID Technology
  RFID Reader / Tag Chip Design   Passive RFID Tagging
  Green Environmental-Friendly Tag   Environment Sensors (Temperature, Humidity)
  Portable / Mobile RFID Reader   Smart Workplace Automation
  RFID and Vision Sensor Integration in IOT Technology   Smart Shelving
  Energy Harvesting BLE Device   Energy Harvesting RFID Sensor
Service Technology
  Real-Time Indoor Locating Technology   Outdoor GPS Positioning / Beidou Satellite System
  Indoor / Outdoor
Position Tracking Platform
  WIFI Fingerprinting Algorithm
  Active RFID Positioning   Passive RFID Zoning
  Wireless Sensor Network   Asset / Personnel Tracking Device
  Location Analytic by Heatmap Tracking Technology   GNSS Multipath Ray Tracing Algorithm
  Satellite Remote Sensing Technology Services
Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics and Applications   Supply Chain Visibility Platform   End-to-End Supply Chain Fulfillment
  Big Data Analytics   Container Management System
  Advance Notice System for Logistics   Smart Container Loading Optimisation
  Video-based AI Recognition and Analytics
Supply Chain Security (Authentication /
Logistics Security)
  Product Authentication Service Platform (LSCM Authen√Tick™)   Sensor-Integrated Active RFID for Food Supply Chain
  Item Tagging, Security and Authentication   Cold Chain Applications for Food Supply Chain
  Passive Millimeter Wave Sensor Fusion Technology   UWB Beamforming Algorithms
Financial Services &
e-Commerce Technology
  Privacy and security for e-Transaction   24/7 Parcel Locker for e-commerce
  Blockchain in Logistics Applications   RFID enabled Storage for e-commerce
  Decentralized Database Applications     Easy access storage for e-commerce
  Vision and end-effector robotic arm   Anti-collision sensors, Motion control
  Universal label-affixing system   IR positioning
  AGV and Robotics Applications   UWB imaging
  MR Fluid for Safety   LiDAR Object Recognition / Detection
  Vision - 3D Object Recognition   Landmark Recognition