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Application & Vetting

Application and Submission


The applicant must be a designated local public research institute which include local universities (all University Grants Committee-funded institutions), self-financing degree-awarding institutions registered under the Post-Secondary Colleges Ordinance (Cap. 320), the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Vocational Training Council, the Clothing Industry Training Authority and the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology. Applications will be submitted to the Innovation and Technology Commision (ITC) via Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM) as the lead applicant.  

Note: Registration at Innovation and Technology Commission Funding Administrative System II (ITCFAS II) is required for submitting applications to LSCM.


To register:

  1. Please enter “Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre Limited" in the Organisation Name field on the Registration page.

  2. Please enter the details of the Project Coordinator on the next page and click Submit button to complete the registration process.

  3. LSCM will process the registration within 3 working days after verification.


To submit:

  1. Please logon to the ITCFAS II with your registered account.

  2. During the submission process, please select Proposal -> Funding Scheme, then select the appropriate Programme, i.e. "ITSP Tier 1" if you select "ITSP – R&D Centre (R&D Projects)" or "TCFS – Category A (1)" if you select "ITSP – Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme."


For project vetting criteria, vetting process and assessment committee, please refer to Project Vetting


Note: Innovation and Technology Support Programme (ITSP) and Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS) provide funding support for two major types of applied R&D projects, namely Platform Projects and Partnership Research Programme. 


Application Documents


Please read the guidelines and sample of completed application form available at the following ITC's websites before submitting an application:


Innovation and Technology Support Programme (ITSP)

Partnership Research Programme (PRP)

Guangdong-Hong Kong Technology Cooperation Funding Scheme (TCFS) 

Public Sector Trial Scheme


Commercialization and Intellectual Property (IP) Guidelines for LSCM R&D Projects

Guidelines on IP Arrangements (July 2014)

Guidelines on IP Arrangements (Previous Version) - Superseded


ITC Intellectual Property Guide

Guide on Intellectual Property Arrangements for Research and Development Projects Funded under the ITSP and MRP of the ITF (July 2019) – for all applicants and LSCM funded projects



Please refer to the Guideline on Intellectual Property (IP) Arrangements before submitting your applications.