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Product & System Service Industry System Technology Deliverables

Self-balancing Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) & Agent Control For Materials Handling In Warehouses

e-Commerce Robotics Technologies
  1. AGV motion control module (central 2 individual drive wheel type AGV).
  2. Engineering design of lifting (or self-balancing) mechanism.
  3. Firmware of QR code data recognition and orientation extraction.

e-Cheque Apps Development Cloud

e-Commerce Fintech
  1. an e-Cheque Apps Development Framework
  2. Simulated Platform for Testing e-Cheque Applications
  3. e-Cheque Wallet Components & e-Cheque Forensics
  4. e-Cheque Sanity Utilities

RFID Enabling Technologies for Retail & Logistics Industry

e-Commerce Application/Service System IoT / RFID
  1. Central Console Module
  2. Environment Configuration Modeller
  3. Environmental Configuration Manager
  4. RFID Enabling Software Platform

Research and Development of INCOMIRS (Integrated Community-based Microblog Recommendation System)

e-Commerce Application/Service System Big Data Analytics

INCORMIRS (both quantative & qualitative)

A Virtual Reality System for Strategic Operations Training

e-Commerce,Logistics & Supply Chain Management Application/Service System VR Technology
  1. the Cave structure
  2. 3D projection
  3. Tracking system

SHIELD - Critical Infrastructure Protection in Hong Kong

e-Commerce Security Systems Internet Security
  1. SHIELD smart box (Smart Hacking and Intrusion Entrapment with Lawful Detection)
  2. Sanitization tool design
  3. Cyber attack profiling model design


e-Commerce Security Systems Internet Security
  1. SHIELD Smartbox Software executable (WIRE embedded)
  2. TESTUDO server software executable (WIRE embedded)

Trial: A Virtual Reality Work Safety Training Platform

Construction,e-Commerce Application/Service System VR Technology
  1. imseCAVE VR Systems for CIC and OSCH
  2. VR-empowered scenario training system

Trial: Intelligent Decision Support Platform for a Digital Economy - Applications of Social Media Sentiment Analysis in the Government Sector

e-Commerce Application/Service System Big Data Analytics
  1. An itelligent decision support system for social media sentiment analysis
  2. Cantonese textual analysis using intelligence and natural language processing technologies

IoT Security Evaluation Testbed (IoT-SET)

e-Commerce IoT Systems,Security Systems Internet Security
  1. IoT Security evaluation testbed (software and hardware)
  2. Smart home testbed (software and hardware)
  3. Software programs - attack scenarios against confidentiality, against integrity and against availability for IoT devices (Softwre)
  4. Software library - logging module to collect attack data (Software)   

Entrusted Decentralized Exchange

e-Commerce Security Systems Fintech
  1. Private /permission Blockchain and Peer-to-Peer Storage Network
  2. Peer-to-Peer Storage Network with Proxy Re-encryption
  3. Smart Contracts to manage document storage and exchange