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Product & System Service Industry System Technology Deliverables

Impulse-Radio Technology for Warehouse Autonomous Guided Vehicle Positioning

Logistics & Supply Chain Management AGV Technology
  1. Impulse-radio transceiver for both moving nodes (tags) and stationary/reference nodes (anchors)
  2. Protocols to calculate and display locations of AGVs in real-time.
  3. Dynamic optimisation algorithms of multiple nodes subject to warehouse space

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Vision of AGVs for Crowded Environments

Logistics & Supply Chain Management IoT Systems AGV Technology
  1. Service (mobile) robot with a) vision sensor(s) for land-marking; b) proximity sensors for object avoidance; c) gas sensing module for safety inspection                                                        
  2. The artificial intelligence of realtime path planning and navigation method

Multiple Machine Cooperation and Self-Leveling Technologies for Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGV) in Warehouse Environment

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Application/Service System,Tracking and Positioning Systems AGV Technology
  1. AGV System Hardware
  2. AGV Site Management Software System
  3. Tools and Methodologies for AGV system planning