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Project Reference: ITP/003/12LP
Project Title: Trusted Network-based RFID Infrastructure (for CWRA's Site Attendance Module System)
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: Construction Workers Registration Ordinance enacted in 2004 mandated construction workers to register and contractors to provide repsective workers’ information to Construction Workers Registration Authority(CWRA). A Site Attendance Module System(SATM) was implemented in 2007 by CWRA. The SATM has an attendance collection application to run at the construction site to read and transmit worker information in Excel-formatted Daily Attendance Report(DAR) to CWRA for further processing. Ideally, SATM should read and transmit the data on the worker's registration-card and should perfectly fulfill the Ordinance requirement. However in reality the DAR received by CWRA was only 70% accurate. About 40% of DAR was produced either manually or by enterprises’ proprietary systems where data genuiness / integrity has no gaurantee. Even SATM-generated data is prone to errors when transmitted over an insecure communication infrastructure.

This project aims to replace the attendance collection application in SATM by a trusted terminal which contains RFID and biometrics input with a secure communication mechanism to ensure the genuineness and integrity of data. Without the enhancement, strict enforcement for the adoption of the existing SATM is inadequate and has no gaurantee of 100% data accuracy. The new solution, namely Trusted SATM (T-SATM) will consist of (i) Trusted RFID Reader Device(T-RD) embedded with biometric features capable of authentication, tamper-proof data recording, secure multi-modal data transmission; (ii) Trusted Platform Infrastructure (TPI) for secure data exchanging. Two pilots will be conducted to demonstrate T-SATM practicality at two different construction environment.
Project Coordinator: Mr Edward C WONG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$3.86M
Project Period: 16 Apr 2012 - 15 Jul 2013
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