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Call for Proposals

The Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM) typically processes finalized funding applications for research and development projects on a semi-annual basis but accepts applications year-round. In the spirit of further stimulating the passion and drive for excellence in Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech research, LSCM is particularly receptive to research proposals directed towards the following fields:


1. Infrastructure Information Technology System

2. Internet-of-Things (IoT) and RFID Technology

3. Location-based Service (LBS) Technology

4. Logistics and Supply Chain Analytics and Applications

5. Supply Chain Security (Authentication / Logistics Security)

6. Financial Services & e-Commerce Technology


In alignment with the Centre’s mission, prospective applicants should emphasize the importance of "Industrial implementation and impact" in their R&D proposals.

LSCM processes finalized funding applications on a semi-annual basis, with one intake in the first half of the year (May) and another in the second half (October). As initial project concepts take upwards of several months to translate into a fully finalized funding application, prospective applicants are strongly encouraged to contact us early and engage in a discussion about the merits of their project ideas. 

Application Procedures

For application and submission procedures, please click here.


Deadline for Applications

The deadline for application is on 18 Oct 2024, 5:00 pm (Hong Kong Time).


Contact Persons

Mr. Kevin Tse


Tel: 3973 6259


Fax: 3106 0202


E-mail: ktse@lscm.hk