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Project Reference: ITP/020/10LP
Project Title: RFID and Sensor-based Productivity Enhancement System for Human-operated Workplace (Government and Industry)
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: Human-operated workplaces have common needs to manage documents and assets. Losing track of objects sounds common but actually dampens the workplace efficiency and productivity. In cases like the Correctional Services Department and the Customs & Excise Department where critical assets are unaffordable to lose, or RTHK where the items in the archival libraries cannot be replenished, such damages could go beyond monetary losses. Despite RFID technology supports visibility of objects, it remains no easy way to resolve tracking at item level. Fundamentally, RFID without sensing against the complex operational environment cannot tell how the item occurs in the tracking event and who is operating on it, nor can it relate the event to the dynamic workflow for automation.

On the basis of RAE middleware, a successfully commercialized ITC project, this project further develops a Human-Operated Productivity Enhancement System (HOPE System) in which RFID and sensing technologies are integrated for better tracking intelligence in operational events where assets, humans and processes (AHP) are interrelated. The system will contribute to operational enhancements and hence better productivity through: (1) gaining visibility of AHP interaction; (2) enabling item tracking and improve its performance with smart asset carrier (SAC) systems; and (3) facilitating automation with the improved visibility infrastructure.
Project Coordinator: Mr. Edward C WONG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$11.4M
Project Period: 1 Nov 2010 - 30 Jun 2012
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