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Project Reference: ITP/035/09LI
Project Title: Development of a Printable RFID Antenna on Packages with Polymer and Paper Substrate
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: RFID-Embedded packages, or so-called smart packages, are expected to bring tremendous benefits to supply chain industry by enabling every product tractable and traceable. However, the higher RFID integration cost forms a big barrier for this new technology to be mass-deployed.

Beside the integration cost, package-embedded RFID designs also face other challenges as well. RFID antenna performance is significantly affected by the antenna materials, package hosting materials, form factor as well as contents inside the packages. General purpose tags will be significantly detuned when attached or embedded into packages, and often result in performance degradation.

In this project, we propose to leverage LSCM’s printed RFID antenna technology and implement it into smart package designs and manufacturing process. Not only the antenna material cost (currently mostly copper and aluminum) can be reduced, by integrating the antenna printing process with the traditional package printing process, the overhead cost will also be minimized. Using conductive ink as antenna material, this project will design tailor-made antennas that are optimized for the conductive ink formulas, package printing process and form-factors.

Low cost RFID-embedded smart package designs and prototypes will be developed as the research deliverables. This project will demonstrate the feasibility of printed RFID antenna technology being implemented in traditional printing industry.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Terry Ye
Approved Funding Amount: HK$0.44M
Project Period: 1 Mar 2010 – 28 Feb 2011
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