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Project Reference: ITP/037/09LP
Project Title: Trust Solution for RFID Enabled Interoperable E-logistics
Hosting Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Abstract: Modern Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) has become increasingly open and interconnected. Building advanced e-logistics trading networks is essential for supporting the efficient and effective integration among vast numbers of logistic and supply chain enterprises. As the most important enabling technology, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) has been widely used for bridging the gap between e-logistics and LSCM. Although adopting RFID significantly improves delivery and supply efficiency, security concerns, such as the cross-border authentication, ownership transfer, and security audits, etc., have not been well addressed due to the lack of consolidated trust solutions for capacity-limited RFID devices. First, there are many security barriers on the borders of the multi-domain e-logistics systems. Those barriers, although defending LSCM enterprises from being attacked, have become the major obstacles to constructing interoperable e-logistics systems. Second, heterogeneous nature of the LSCM infrastructure creates a challenging issue of enabling interoperability among diverse RFID-oriented security mechanisms. Third, the lack of effective measurements for establishing trust restrains inter-enterprise sharing and trustworthy collaboration. By addressing the problems, we propose an extensive trust solution to enhance the security and trustworthiness of RFID enabled interoperable e-logistics. In the project, we will develop the following critical technologies. 1) We will design core technologies for secure auditing along the entire e-logistics and LSCM chain. 2) We will develop a set of ownership transfer schemes for secure cargo exchange and circulation. 3) We will propose and implement an interoperable gateway to enable the interoperability among variant RFID-oriented security mechanisms. 4) We will develop key technologies for constructing a “trust center” in interoperable e-logistics and LSCM environments. This project has attracted strong support from major Hong Kong and mainland enterprises. Based on the research expertise of this project team, we shall contribute an integrated solution to improve trust in e-logistics and market the developed technologies to LSCM vendors and users.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Yunhao Liu
Approved Funding Amount: HK$4.60M
Project Period: 1 Apr 2010 – 31 Mar 2012
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