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Project Reference: ITP/038/09LP
Project Title: Real Time Food Quality Management Service System
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: Food safety and wastage are two prominent issues in managing perishable food. Cold chain being a specialized industry is capable of managing precise conditions for goods. However, the provision of application services is inadequate for the food industry to efficiently guard compromised goods or for timely mitigating actions to prevent food quality being compromised. Existing sensing monitoring is often segmented and disrupted during transit.

The project is to develop application services easily customized to facilitate decision-support, auto alert and real time monitoring in satisfying various stakeholder requirements and established guidelines. A real-time sensing information infrastructure will be developed to provide data for the application services. The sensing infrastructure can integrate with different public and proprietary sensing networks to gather different information such as temperature, humidity, location etc. to provide complete and comprehensive knowledge of food products from producers to consumers and during transits.

The project will leverage prior Shenzhen-Hong Kong R&D developed platform – FOSSIM as the basic service platform for easy access while also enriches with additional cold chain applications. Innovation of the project is in the distinctive use of sensing data that enables a multi-dimensional information support, based on which application development is no longer constrained by segmented data. Instead, a variety of applications can be developed to address various needs and thus equip the industry with better food quality management utilities. Through the value added to industry, we hope the ultimate goal of safeguarding food quality and reducing food wastage can also be achieved.
Project Coordinator: Mr. Edward C WONG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$9.85M
Project Period: 4 Jan 2010 – 3 Jul 2011
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