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Project Reference: ITP/023/08LP
Project Title: RF-based Technologies for Asset/Personnel Tracking
Hosting Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Abstract: Efficient RF-based asset/personnel tracking with smart tags will be important in terms of improving safety and productivity in the coal mining industry. Tracking equipment assets underground allows better management and utilization of these items. Meanwhile, tracking the location of personnel underground by using personal tags improves mine safety, particularly in emergency situations. Because the underground coal mine environment presents many key challenges for RF-based localization and tracking schemes, comprehensive real measurements will be collects in this project to understand the transmission capability of devices with different radio frequencies. By exploiting the research expertise of this project team, four different types of RF-based localization schemes will be developed for efficient underground asset/personnel tracking. To make sure the performance of the proposed schemes can be evaluated in real working environments, low-power and intrinsically safe devices will be designed in this project to test the localization schemes. As underground mining is a major resource industry in Mainland China, there is great market potential for the results of this project.
Project Coordinator: Professor Qian Zhang
Approved Funding Amount: HK$5.84M
Project Period: 15 Sep 2008 – 14 Dec 2010
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