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Project Reference: ITP/022/08LP
Project Title: RFID Benchmarking Methodology, Report and Tool Support
Hosting Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Abstract: As an important and practical means, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) devices can effectively support information collection, location-sensing, and object-monitoring in Logistic and Supply Chain Management systems (LSCM). In particular, RFID tags attached to items or persons can facilitate identification and localization. Innovative RFID applications are also emerging to leverage RF signals to achieve a so-called device-free detecting and monitoring scheme. The RFID technology, however, has not yet supported LSCM systems with accurate detection and measurement. First, many environmental and operating factors can affect the measurements and performance of RFID devices in real application settings, where precise quantification of these factors and their relations are difficult. Second, the heterogeneity of RFID components imposes challenges to uniformly quantify their performances. The lack of scientific classification and evaluation of the performance constrains the large-scale deployment of off-the-shelf RFID products in LSCM systems. Addressing the problems, we will develop an extended RFID benchmarking methodology leveraging established results of project (ITP/022/07LP), the prior phase of this project. With our technological excellence in RFID, we will establish a RFID Benchmarking and Test Consortium. We have invited the Institute of Automation (中國科學院自動化研究所, CASIA), which was recently awarded a major 863 project on RFID benchmarking and testing, The RFID China Alliance (中國RFID產業聯盟), GuangDong RFID Technology Support Center (廣東省RFID公共技術支援中心), Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision of DongGuan (東莞市品質技術監督局), Beijing University of Post and Telecommunications (北京郵電大學), China Electronics Standardization Institute (中國電子標準化研究所), Shandong Institute of Standardization (山東標準化研究院), China National RFID Products Quality Supervising Test Center (國家電子標籤產品品質監督檢驗中心), and GS1 China (中國物品編碼中心) to join our consortium. This project has attracted strong support from major Hong Kong enterprises. With these key RFID organizations in mainland China and Hong Kong, we will continue our RFID Benchmarking and Test Methodology development, perform the pilot deployment, release the official benchmarking report, and market and license the developed software tool support to mainland RFID vendors and users.
Project Coordinator: Professor Shing-chi Cheung
Approved Funding Amount: HK$9.10M
Project Period: 1 Oct 2008 – 31 Mar 2011
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