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Project Reference: ITP/024/07LP
Project Title: RFID-based Interoperable Gateway for Logistics Service Platforms (RIG)
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: It is generally recognized that the potential benefits of achieving superior supply chain efficiency through RFID networks is tremendous. In China, especially in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hong Kong, many RFID service platforms are deployed to provide RFID enabled supply chain network services. Currently, it lacks interconnections among these service platforms. It causes barrier for business collaborations across service platforms in different geographical regions. As the number of service platforms grows, there is a need for cross platform information exchange and sharing for business collaboration, necessitating the needs for interconnecting these disjoined platforms.

The aim of this project is to fulfill the needs from industry. It addresses the challenge by developing an RFID enabled interconnecting technology -- RFID-based Interoperable Gateway for Logistics Service Platforms (RIG). Innovation of our RIG is in its capability to provide analysis on data association and information sharing continuity to derive information mappings for cross platform information interoperability. The RIG will provide a practical solution to contribute to solving supply chain management problems.
Project Coordinator: Dr Frank Tong
Approved Funding Amount: HK$10.00M
Project Period: 1 Jul 2007 - 31 Mar 2009
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