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Project Reference: ITP/022/07LP
Project Title: RFID Benchmarking: Methodology and Practice
Hosting Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Abstract: RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is an important enabling technology for logistics and supply chain management systems. The amount RFID devices will continue to leap in coming years. It was predicted that China will need at least 4.5 billions RFID devices in 2008 and 5.5 billions in 2010. At present, there are well over 100 RFID vendors and enterprises in China. The performances of different RFID brands and models, however, can vary significantly. A scientific classification and evaluation of their performances is critical to effective RFID deployment. Addressing the need, the objective of this project is to develop a sound RFID benchmarking methodology leveraging established research results in testing, machine learning and communications theory. In fact, RFID benchmarking has been identified a key technological area in the recent 863 initiative by our mainland officials. With our technological excellence in RFID, we have been invited to jointly contribute to the development of RFID benchmarking by the Institute of Automation (CASIA), which was recently awarded a major 863 project on RFID benchmarking and testing. We will also develop the benchmarking methodology in collaboration with other key mainland RFID organizations, which include RFID China Alliance, GuangDong RFID Technology Support Center and Bureau of Quality and Technology Supervision of DongGuan. This project has won the strong support from multiple Hong Kong enterprises, which include Convergence Systems Limited (Chung Nam Group) , Pacific Mobile Limited, MillionTech Development Limited, Computime Limited, Schmidt Electronic Group Limited, Techtronic Industries Company Limited and Eternal Technologies Limited. With CASIA and several key RFID mainland organizations, we shall establish an RFID benchmarking test consortium to market and license the developed benchmarking methodology to mainland RFID vendors and users.
Project Coordinator: Professor Shing-chi Cheung
Approved Funding Amount: HK$1.99M
Project Period: 1 Jul 2007 - 31 Mar 2009
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