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Product & System Service

LSCM has a rich portfolio of ready-to-market technologies for commercialisation by industries. By clicking the items from below three categories (Technology, Industry, System), the solutions will be shown according to your needs.

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Product & System Service Industry System Technology Deliverables

Low-cost versatile tracking device and technology for logistics applications

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Tracking and Positioning systems ZigBee-Based Positioning Technology,WiFi-Based Positioning Technology
  1. WiFi-based Positioning Technology
  2. ZigBee-based Positioning Technology
  3. Hybrid & Collaborative
  4. Reference design on WiFi Tag
  5. Reference Design on ZigBee Tag
  6. Reference Design on ZigBee Reader
  7. Reference Design on Portable Tracking Device
  8. Delivery Tracking Application System
  9. Site Survey Tools
  10. Package License Model

RF-based Technologies for Asset/Personnel Tracking

Logistics & Supply Chain Management Tracking and Positioning systems ZigBee-Based Positioning Technology
  1. Zigbee-based communication platform
  2. Effective localization algorithm and its system implementation
  3. Energy-saving routing scheme and system implementation

RFID-Enabled Sensing Technologies for Real-time Environmental Monitoring and Risk Management

Logistics & Supply Chain Management IOT systems ZigBee-Based Positioning Technology

RFID Sensing Devices and Network Infrastructure:

  1. Communication Module
  2. Communication Module (with data logger for working in offline mode)
  3. Router
  4. Coordinator
  5. Temperature, relative humidity and 3D accelerator module
  6. Lux module
  7. UV module
  8. Real-time Environmental Monitoring System Active Positioning Tag and Reader Network Infrastructure
  9. Active Tag (LCD version)
  10. Active Tag (e-ink version)
  11. Reader (Array Antenna Design)
  12. Reader (Single Pole Antenna Design)
  13. Command Controller
  14. Angle of Arrival Positioning Protocol and Algorithm
  15. Real-time Tracking System Application