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Project Reference: GHP/039/08LZ
Project Title: RFID Tagging and Packaging Technology for Food Products
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: RFID technology is regarded as the ideal solution for the ever-increasing concerns of food safety issues. By applying the RFID tags onto the packages, food products will become tractable and traceable; furthermore, products with embedded RFID labels will give consumers a reliable mechanism for tamper-proof and authentication, thus ensure a safe and secured food supply chain from farm to store.

However, food safety poses new challenges for RFID deployments. First, food products often consist of materials with a large variety of physical properties which will result in antenna detuning, performance degradation and even failure. Second, food packages vary significantly in form-factor, package materials and packing methods, RFID labels are also expected to have self-destructive capabilities in tamper-proof applications. Third, most RFID labels with traditional antenna materials are not decomposable and environmentally friendly for recycling process.

In this project, we are proposing solutions to address the above concerns.1) Content specific RFID tags tailor-made and optimized for different food products. 2) Tamper-proof RFID labels to ensure product safety, authenticity with self-destructive mechanism. 3) RFID antennas and inlays made from environmentally friendly materials.

With the successful dissemination of the project, RFID technology is expected to bring a paradigm shift for food industry
Project Coordinator: Dr. Terry Ye
Approved Funding Amount: HK$9.79M
Project Period: 15 Sep 2009 – 14 Mar 2011
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