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Tele-practice Platform System

Tele-practice Platform System

The Tele-practice platform system is a cloud-based system. Different users can access the system through the secured web portal. It is designed to support different kinds of tele-practice solution devices with the services available in the market. The IoT Platform Infrastructure for Tele-practice Applications is able to provide secured centralised user account management service for different user authentication, resources authorisation and data access control. The service users' personal data privacy is complied with guidelines issued by Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data. The platform will integrate different kinds of vital sign monitoring devices to provide therapists with a more comprehensive assessment and monitoring of service users.

This solution has won a Bronze Medal in the Special Edition 2022 Invention Geneva Evaluation Days.


Telepractice Platform features

The Tele-practice platform offers a platform for therapists to deliver therapies and therapeutic treatments remotely. This solution benefits therapists, medical professionals, and patients with its convenience and accessibility. From occupational therapy and rehabilitation therapy to remote vital sign monitoring, users are able to receive tele-therapy sessions in the comfort and familiarity of their homes through the platform. It eliminates the need for time-consuming visits to clinics, hospitals or other medical facilities, and eases concerns regarding transportation and scheduling conflicts. Patients can prioritise their physical and mental health with a more accessible and seamless therapeutic experience. This solution has won a Bronze Medal in the Special Edition 2022 Invention Geneva Evaluation Days.

Additionally, the system enables users to receive remote professional training, facilitating optimal medical outcomes. It also allows for seamless connection between users, offering them comprehensive rehabilitation training services and remote health guidance. This feature is particularly helpful for users who require long-term rehabilitation or have difficulties in receiving treatments in person.


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