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Prefabricated Housing

Prefabricated Housing

While Building Information Modeling (BIM) enables better productivity for public housing construction in Hong Kong, data fragmentation and discontinuity hinder its development.  With the help from LSCM, a RFID-enabled BIM Platform for Prefabrication Housing Production in Hong Kong was jointly developed by the University of Hong Kong and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  Three pilot runs were conducted, which include Wing Hong Shun for the prefabrication construction, Yingyun for the logistics, and the public housing project in Tuen Mum area for the assembly.

The solution uses RFID for tracking the pre-cast components from prefabrication production and transportation logistics to delivery at the construction site, and installation of the prefabrication components where the tracking data is used for life cycle management of the project.  The geo-spatial data collected is then fed into the BIM system where information sharing is enhanced by linking it with the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s own Housing Construction Management Enterprise System (or HOMES).

Three innovative technologies are involved.  Firstly, a scheme for converting typical construction objects into Smart Construction Objects, using IoT and Cloud technology, was introduced along with an innovative “RFID-enabled Gateway” designed and developed for managing the SCOs.  Secondly, an RFID-enabled BIM platform employing IoT and cloud techniques for designing the architecture and a suite of services and tools was developed.  Finally, the 3D design and modelling in BIM was expanded to a multi-dimensional application by making full use of the collected real-time data. 

The RFID-enabled BIM platform allows real-time visibility and traceability of prefabricated components and facilitates site management.  It also helps bridging the gaps between BIM and HOMES for more efficient and effective project management.




“Thanks for the Innovation and Technology Fund, LSCM and  project team members.  We are now able to track and trace the real-time construction progress through an n-dimensional BIM approach, which can reflect the real-time situations of prefabrication production logistics and on site construction.  I believe that with our concerted efforts on making the building industry greener, safer, and with higher productivity, the future of Hong Kong’s construction industry will be one of the sparkling stars in the world.”

Ms. Ada Y.S. Fung, JP
Deputy Director (Development & Construction) Housing Department


“This on-site assembly service enables us (the contractor) to perform real-time monitoring on the prefabrication components production, logistics, and the timetable of delivery and installation. Data input is faster compared to traditional methods.  The service includes a smartphone application. The user can monitor the whole production process with the smartphone by inputting a few simple commands.”

Mr. Kenneth Mok
Contract Manager
Gammon Construction Limited