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Anti-wandering Vest for Elderly with Dementia

Anti-wandering Vest for Elderly with Dementia


This project was initiated by LSCM, the Hong Kong Textile and Clothing Research and Development Centre, and ASTRI. With the use of RFID technology, this detection system is developed specially for the elderly homes or centres to detect the positions of the elderly with dementia.  Elderly wearing the vests with built-in RFID tags will be detected automatically in case the elderly wander away from the homes or centres without permission.

Staff of the homes or centres will register the information of each vest using a RFID reader so that the position of the elderly can be detected by the system. Antennas are installed at the main exits in order to detect the RFID signals from the RFID tagged vest. If elderly wearing the RFID tagged vest leaving the home or centre without permission, the system will alert the monitoring staff by providing an alarm, then he/she can stop the elderly from leaving the home or centre immediately.  This technology provides more effective control comparing to manual observation and can release the pressure of the caretakers in looking after the elderly.  In addition, the user interface of the system is simple and easy to use therefore it does not require much training for the staff.



Many of the elderly that we look after have the problem of dementia. Since wandering is common among them, this new technology can help monitor the whereabouts of elderly effectively, and alert the caretakers in time when elderly leave the home or centre unassisted.

Ms Ho Yuk Mei
Rosana District Co-ordinator (KC/YMT/KT)
Tung Wah Group of Hospitals