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Real-Time Sensing System for Museums

Real-Time Sensing System for Museums


The real-time sensing system was jointly developed by  LSCM and The Chinese University of Hong Kong. It costs ten times lower than those existing and commercially available systems; it is now used in Hong Kong Museum of History and Hong Kong Film Archive.

The new sensing system consists of coin-sized pluggable sensor modules, the RFID communication modules, as well as wireless coordinators for transmitting RFID and sensor data. The system includes 24-hour sensing capability of measuring temperature, relative humidity, vibration, ultraviolet (UV), and illuminance (lux) for preserving valuable artifacts and goods. If the data deviate from the individually customizable range of allowable conditions, the system will alert the user accordingly.   This new technology offers potential advantages comparing to the traditional system on its compact size, pluggable configuration and ease of use. The new system makes use of license-free wireless spectrum. Up to five external sensor modules can be plugged into an active RFID communication tag for logging and wirelessly transmitting data and commands. The small-sized pluggable sensor provides flexibility for exhibition designers to balance the exhibition aesthetic and the need for monitoring environment without blocking or drawing attention away from artifacts. The power consumption is low, which the battery can last for about six months. Thanks to the ease of installation and operation, LCSD Conservation Office initiated the planning and setup of the system for the Special Exhibition of “Western Scientific Instruments of the Qing Court” from June to September 2015. The system helped monitor the exhibition environment for the national treasures displaying in Hong Kong Science Museum.




By putting the sensor into the showcases, we can better monitor the exhibits, such as animal specimen and even old machinery.”

Ms. CHAN Shuk-man, Paulina
Curator, Hong Kong Science Museum




We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC), CUHK and Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM).  With your support, we are able to adopt these innovative technologies for the betterment of our environmental monitoring services at the local museums.”

Ms. Alice TSANG
Curator, Conservation Office