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Smart Cargo Locating

Smart Cargo Locating


Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd (Hactl) has recently introduced the Smart Cargo Locating, which was researched and developed in collaboration with LSCM, in its SuperTerminal 1 facility. It provides a fully-automated tracking and retrieval system for loose cargo. A reusable identifying tag is applied to the loose cargo on arrival; it is then automatically photographed, check-weighed, and the data and image are uploaded to Hactl’s COSAC-Plus cargo management system.

A specially-adapted “Smart Forklift” identifies the cargo, and carries it to the storage area. The Smart Forklift obtains its geo-locations and route to the storage location, from Hactl’s self-developed in-door GPS system. The precise location where the cargo has been racked is automatically uploaded to the cargo’s record in COSAC-Plus for operational use, and for analytical purposes.

When the cargo is needed for pallet build-up before a flight, the forklift driver is directed to the cargo’s racking location, and is provided with a photographic image to further assist identification of the cargo.

Smart Cargo Locating helps to eliminate manual data input and eradicate potential keying errors. It makes retrieval simpler and faster, helps to streamline the processes, improve efficiency and further enhance customer services.

This system has received the “Smart Airport Technovation Award – Operational Excellence”, in Smart Airport Technovation Awards 2018 organised by Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA). We are glad that the collaborated research effort by LSCM and Hactl was recognised by the industry.