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Project Reference: ITP/037/22LP
Project Title: An e-SmartPort Platform to support Smart Information Infrastructure for Port Development
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: Since Ever-Given and Covid-19 raised the world aware of global supply chain disruption
risk, HK has come to rethink our port’s direction. In the CE’s 2021 Policy Address, HK
is set to develop a smart port with wider use of digital technology and good in multimodal
logistics. Under the policy, the Transport and Housing Bureau made an MOU with LSCM,
supporting LSCM to explore digitization with the port stakeholders through an e-
SmartPort Platform.
As such, LSCM proposes this project to conduct R&D on the topic of e-SmartPort
Platform prototype with the port community. LSCM will engage the port community to
understand their gap in digitization. Dealing with that, we shall research for blockchainbased
data repository with apps developed for port users as well as API for their systems,
to facilitate their digitization and data sharing on blockchain. In that, port data schemas
will be produced to facilitate sharing and integration with existing 3rd party services
platforms. For port process automation, we shall study smart contract on the port
blockchain to innovate technologies in methods for automated workflow and
interconnection among port users. To support smart port analytics, we shall study the
ships’ AIS data to calculate their complex movements, berthing and mooring patterns,
and to generate analytics for the efficiency, congestion and trajectory statistics, which
enables inter-port connectivity and route re-scheduling analysis. Being smart, ports
should spearhead into cybersecurity and ESG issues as well. We propose research to
produce a cybersecurity strategy for HK’s smart port development, and the smart
contract technology for port users to watch their ESG compliance.
We shall also conduct 3 pilot trial cases with the port community to illustrate the
implementation in different scenarios of cross-boundary trade, cargo transport visibility,
and port traffic analytics. With these elements, the project’s goal is to produce an e-SmartPort Platform prototype which helps the port industry to jumpstart HK to a smart
Project Coordinator: Dr Frank C H TONG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$ 21.3M
Project Period: 31 Dec 2022 - 30 Dec 2024
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