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Project Reference: GHP/024/07LZ
Project Title: RFID-enabled Platform Technology for the Integrated Shenzhen-Hong Kong Food Safety and Supply Chain Management Public Information Platform
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: [Part A] (Hosting Institute: The University of Hong Kong)

The “RFID-enabling Shenzhen Hong Kong integrated food safety and supply chain public information platform” is a service platform based on RFID technology to provide publicly interested information related to food safety, food sources and food logistics. While leveraging the RFID as a food information carrier, our solution also integrates with different technologies, such as barcode, network and communication, to formulate an integrated system consist of an information platform and a number of applications. These applications cover various sectors on the food supply chain from Shenzhen to Hong Kong, like farm, re-processing, re-packaging, distribution, transportation and inspection, in the area of data collection, recording and exchange. This information platform aims at facilitating a highly effective and efficient informatics supply chain management, as well as enabling a seamless integration on the information requirement among various sectors in the food supply to Hong Kong, in order to synchronize the physical and information logistics. Apart from supporting the monitoring and management activities conducted by the government departments, our solution also benefits both the Shenzhen and Hong Kong enterprises in their business operation and management. More importantly, the public now realizes the high quality of service from the information age and feels comfortably relief on the food supply.

[Part B] (Hosting Institute: The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

This project is to further advanced develop the sensor-enabled RFID technology for the applications in food safety field, aiming the objective of hardware technology reinforcement for the universal supply chain visibility and monitoring. The project would facilitate the food quarantine and inspection in Hong Kong as well as the custom clearance. The core research work is dedicated to the sensor-integrated active RFID technology. The Chinese University of Hong Kong and its collaborators have been long working on issues in food safety and quality as well as traceability for a period of time. Based on the cumulated experiences and mature research techniques in the areas of active RFID, sensors, and integration of them, we will well develop the demanded hardware technologies for the better practices of food safety and quality management.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Frank Tong
Approved Funding Amount: HK$9.00M
Project Period: 16 May 2008 – 15 Aug 2010
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