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Project Reference: GHP/046/07LP
Project Title: Package-specific RFID Tagging and Embedding Technology
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: Driven by the mandates from world’s biggest retailers (WalMartR, MetroR, etc), along with increasing requests from logistic companies and supply chain providers around the world, RFID tagging is becoming a critical procedure in the product packaging industry. In Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region, with the world's largest manufacturing and production cluster, more and more products are packaged with RFID labels and shipped into the world supply chain.

However, current RFID tagging procedure still relies on slap-and-ship of RFID labels on product packages, which is time-consuming, prone to damage and not cost effective. More importantly, because the performance of RFID antennas is greatly dependent on the packaging and content materials as well as the form-factors of the package itself, general-purpose RFID tags will not yield the best performance in most applications.

In this project, we propose to design product specific RFID tags that are tuned and optimized for the packaging materials and different form factors, and explore the enabling technologies that will embed RFID tags inside product packages. The project will focus on case level packaging on paper and plastic packaging materials. This project will greatly facilitate the deployment of RFID technology in the packaging industry as well as other RFID applications in Hong Kong and PRD region.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Terry Ye
Approved Funding Amount: HK$12.85M
Project Period: 20 May 2008 - 19 Aug 2010
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