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Project Reference: ITP/083/18LP
Project Title: Robotic Kitchen for Elderly
Hosting Institution: LSCM R&D Centre (LSCM)
Abstract: Elderly technology is emerging and rapidly developing. Chief Executive has budgeted a total sum of HK$ 800 Billion approx. in Elderly Care services and applications which is on the top of agenda to HK Gov't. One of the key objectives is to boost the development of innovative technologies for elderly in Hong Kong.

This project aims to investigate elderly personalized food preparation/automation for institutional purposes. It enhances quality of living, joyfulness, dignity to elderly. Elderly people usually prefer to eat soft food due to swallowing problems. Despite the food is designed by nutritionist or food experts, the appearance and texture are missing. i.e. the elderly may loss appetite when taking such food everyday. Caregivers suggested that it would arise their interests in diet if the shape/appearance of the dish can be printed to its original appearance. Especially in some special events e.g. birthday, if the elderly can take the similar food shape/appearance with their family members.

The R&D focuses include:-

1. A multi-arm food printer
For healthy diet, a dish would include vegetable and meat together with rice or other carbohydrates. A multi-arm food printing device is researched and developed. In addition, multiple sensors will be added to monitor the printing tasks (e.g. weight and volume/size).

2. A smart cooking device (steamer or oven)
A cooking device equipped with sensors will be researched and developed. The cooking device will interact with mobile device (e.g. tablets for sensor data display,…), recipe selections and so on.

3. A diet design & database
Apart from nutrition, taste, appearance and texture of each food or dish will go through food sensory lab for testing and assessment to ensure its quality

The project deliverables might provide an innovative personalized elderly food processing method for institutional purposes. It might leapfrog a new way for elderly food market (e.g. food puree or ready food market for elderly) which is NOT available in Hong Kong at this moment.

Project Coordinator: Dr Ka Lun Fan
Approved Funding Amount: HK$ 7.4 M
Project Period: 29 Mar 2019 - 28 Feb 2021
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