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LSCM Activities
2nd Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong
4 December 2019
The Asia Exhibition of Inventions Hong Kong (AEI) is the first exhibition cum competition exclusively devoted to the inventions from Asia. It was organised by the Hong Kong Exporters' Association, partnering with Palexpo, Geneva, the organiser of the International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva.
Riding on the success of 1st debut AEI in 2018 and the advocate of government policies, AEI 2019 was held again to showcase the best inventions uniquely from Asia. Through the exhibition and competition under one roof, global experts, inventors in industry showcased their breakthrough and versatile inventions and solutions to the world. 
In this event, LSCM has won three Silver Medals with the Elderly Lifter, Smart Service Robots and Smart Traffic Control System, and a Bronze Medal with the Follow-me Robot. 
Three other technologies of LSCM which was awarded in the previous International Exhibition of Inventions Geneva including the e-Lock, Infrared Thermal Sensing Safety Alert System for the Elderly and RFID Blind Cane Navigation System were exhibited in the "Hong Kong Invention Pavilion" in the event to let the visitors know more about our achievement in the research and development of innovative technologies.