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Wherami Indoor Localisation Tracking and Navigation

Wherami Indoor Localisation Tracking and Navigation

Satellite-based global positioning technologies such as the GPS and the BeiDou are easy to use.  They can easily locate and assist in navigation in the outdoor areas. However, they are unsuitable for indoor environments due to poor reception of satellite signals.  In light of the challenge, LSCM has collaborated with the HKUST to develop a WiFi positioning system, Wherami, for indoor localisation tracking and navigation. 

This technology makes use of the widely available WiFi signals in indoor environments to develop an innovative and accurate indoor localisation tracking and navigation technology. Wherami has been on trial in the Hong Kong Airport, Cyperport and Olympian City. Through partnering with Compathnion Technology, successful trial runs have been conducted in Harbour City, followed with the official launch in the campus of the HKUST and the Union Hospital. By using any mobile device with WiFi signals, for example, shoppers can locate their exact position on indoor map at shopping mall.  By searching the shop name or selecting their destination, the system navigates the shoppers to their destination with the quickest route. In addition, the system assists shoppers to access all stores in the mall, such as restaurants, banks, etc. This value-added feature is important in strengthening Hong Kong’s image as a world-class metropolis.

After successful trials, the technology has been commercialised and deployed in shopping centres including YOHO Mall, Hollywood Plaza and Ocean Terminal.

Considering the increasing demand for location-based service solutions in museums, LSCM customised the APIs to meet the requirements of museum environments and facilitate the integration into mobile applications for large-scale deployment in Tai Kwun (Hong Kong's Centre for Heritage and Art).  The site comprises of three declared monuments, which are the former Central Police Station, the Central Magistracy and the Victoria Prison.   Since the museum environment is markedly different from the mall environment, a different and customised calibration on the algorithms is needed to achieve optimal performance.




We have seen great market potentials for the indoor localization technology developed from this project. Compathnion Technology Limited has licensed this technology from LSCM and is now working on formal deployments on some large shopping malls in both Hong Kong and China. The technology is especially impressive since they have variable show cases built up before it is commercialized. We have been constantly approached by clients with indoor localization requirements and they are all very excited to see the functionalities demonstrated in those show cases. We hope LSCM can foster more innovative technologies in Hong Kong which can help to boost Hong Kong’s economy and image.”

Mr Carlo Lo
Business Manager, Compathnion Technology Limited