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RFID Asset Management System

RFID Asset Management System


With an elderly exponential population growth of the world, including Hong Kong. Many elderly people have longer lifespans and are living with chronic illnesses, creating a huge demand for community services. Meanwhile, manpower shortage is a major problem for the community services industry. Thus, the industry is facing increasing pressures to keep up their pace with the mass demands for their services.  This project develops, for community services centers, the IoT networking and systems infrastructure, which support the much-needed functionality for asset management efficiency.

RFID Asset Management System is composed of three main parts: Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID Reader System, Multi-Directional Antenna Platform and Backend Inventory Stock-taking Management System.  The system is a mobile platform which can be freely moved in all directions, as well as an intelligent multi-directional antenna platform which can scan multiple RFID tags at different directions through a seamless scanning mechanism. The developed platform is also able to scan and locate individual tagged items for easy item finding. The mobile platform is made of light weight, but strong material, together with smooth and soft rubber wheels. A multi-directional scanning RFID antenna will be mounted on top of a rising platform, such that it can scan large areas seamlessly. The scanned RFID tag EPC will be sent to the backend inventory stock­taking management system for processing and inventory status updating. The whole system is powered by a rechargeable battery.

These technologies help to improve the operational efficiency and productivity of the service centers in the area of stock-taking and asset searching.


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