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The funding programmes for R&D projects are administered by the LSCM R&D Centre and funded by the HKSAR Government's Innovation and Technology Commission (ITC). The Centre focuses on supporting R&D projects that would increase the added value, productivity and competitiveness of the logistics and supply chain industries in Hong Kong. ITC will provide financial assistance for the following three funding programmes; Platform Research Programme, Collaborative Research Programme and Public Sector Trial Projects.
1. Platform Research Programme 
All platform projects require industry sponsorship from at least two private sector companies, covering at least 10% of the total project cost during the project period. The companies should not be related to the lead applicant by ownership or management. Sponsorship can be in the form of cash, in-kind contributions, or a combination of the two. The Intellectual Property (IP) rights generated from the project will be owned by the lead applicant, which can be a R&D Centre or a designated local public research institute. However, in the case of R&D Centre projects, wherein a university undertakes most of the R&D work, the R&D Centre may be free to negotiate with the university regarding ownership of the IP rights.
As an incentive for sponsorship, private sector sponsors of the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) projects are eligible for a discount of 50% on the licensing fee of project deliverables.
Platform Research Programme applications are normally solicited ( via“Call for Proposals”) twice a year. For details about application procedures and project assessment criteria, please refer to the section on Application and Vetting

2. Collaborative Research Programme 
For collaborative projects, an industry co-applicant should cover no less than 50% of the total project cost (or no less than 30% in the case of R&D Centre projects) during the project period. Industry co-applicants can be one of the following; a private sector company incorporated in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32), an industry support organisation, a trade and industry association, or a professional body with the capacity to enter into contracts. The IP rights generated during the project may be owned by the industry co-applicant if it has contributed 50% or more of the total project cost during the project period. If this is not the case, the lead applicant should be the owner of the IP rights.
Industry co-applicants have the right to share the benefits generated from the commercialisation of project IP (including royalty fees), with the sharing ratio subject to negotiation with LSCM.
Collaborative Research Programme applications are accepted throughout the year. For details about application procedures and project assessment criteria, please refer to the section on Application and Vetting.

3. Public Sector Trial Scheme 
The aim of this programme is to facilitate and promote the realisation and commercialisation of R&D results generated through ITF projects. The ITF funding scope has been extended to cover the production of prototypes/samples and the conducting of trial schemes in the public sector. The prototypes/samples and the trial schemes should aim to facilitate the development of new products not currently available on the market. The use of samples/prototypes and trial schemes is confined to the public sector, which includes Government bureaux and departments, public bodies (e.g. Hospital Authority, Airport Authority, etc.), non-profit trade associations, charitable organisations, etc. For details about application procedures, please refer to the section on Application and Vetting.
Apart from the above three funding programmes, the LSCM R&D Centre also offers a Contract Research Programme for industry.
4. Contract Research Programme 
Applications are open to private companies, which are required to contribute the full cost of the R&D work conducted.
The R&D Cash Rebate Scheme and Internship Programme will offer additional financial support for the sponsoring companies and recipient organisations undertaking R&D projects, respectively. 
Cash Rebate Scheme
The R&D Cash Rebate Scheme aims to reinforce the research culture among business enterprises and encourage them to establish stronger partnership with designated local public research institutions. Under the Scheme, a company will receive a cash rebate for its contribution to the R&D projects. Please refer to the Research and Development Cash Rebate Scheme website for details. 
Internship Programme
Under the Internship Programme, organisations undertaking R&D projects funded by the Innovation and Technology Fund (ITF) can recruit graduates from local universities as interns, to assist with the R&D projects. Each ITF project can engage up to 2 interns at any one time. The maximum internship period is 24 months. Please refer to the Internship Programme website for more details.