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Date Article
15 Sep pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2017- Robotics and Technologies Open Up New Business Prospects For Local Logistics Industry by Enhancing Operational Efficiency LSCM Showcases Latest Enabling Technologies for the Belt and Road Initiative
13 Jun pdf LSCM R&D Centre Showcases New Technologies in GIES Helping Ageing In Place Three Newly-developed Robots Enhance Elderly’s Quality of Life and Safety
02 May pdf LSCM R&D Centre Collaborates with HK Post, Customs & Excise Dept and HKMA 3 Technologies Triumph at Geneva International Exhibition of Inventions RFID-enabled Parcel Locker System, E-Lock and e-Cheque Won one Gold and two Silver Medals
29 Sep pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2016 - Winning the Belt and Road Opportunity Enabled by Innovation and Technologies Showcases latest Logistics Technologies Contributing our Strengths to the Need of the Country
13 Jun pdf LSCM R & D Centre’s “Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality Technology Forum” Gathers Academics and Industry Practitioners VR & AR Bring Breakthroughs in Business
21 Apr pdf LSCM R&D Centre awarded “Gold medal with congratulations of the jury” in Class C (computation, software engineering, electronics) by its research project "The Smart Blind Cane" at the Geneva International Exhibition of Invention
17 Mar pdf Robotics Era Creates New Living Style Hong Kong LSCM Innovative Technology Carnival Introduces Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Robotics Sportsman, 4D Food Printer and More
19 Oct pdf LSCM Logistics Summit 2015 - Leaders Share Views on eCommerce, eLogistics and Latest Location-based Services (LBS) Technologies
06 Aug pdf LSCM R&D Centre and CUHK co-developed cost-effective and user-friendly real-time environmental monitoring system for 24-hour monitoring temperature, humidity & illumination
14 Apr pdf LSCM R&D Centre showcases latest IoT Technologies Contributing to Logistics and Social Services Sector

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