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Project Reference: ITP/045/14LP
Project Title: Novel Low Profile 3-Axis Polarization Technology For The Near Field UHF RFID Reader Antenna System
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: Due to the blooming of Internet-of-Things (IoT), RFID technologies are increasingly important and popular. But one major issue of RFID is its unpredictable failure in reading tagged objects even within specified reading ranges. The fundamental reason is that almost all reader antennas only have 2-axis polarizations. Consequently, there is always a dead direction along which linearly polarized tag antennas cannot be read.
Missing the 3rd axis polarization seriously undermines the reliability and flexibility of RFID. Hence, this project proposes developing a novel 3-axis polarization technology for low profile near field RFID reader antennas. By introducing the distributive tilted current with the proper phase arrangement, a 3rd polarization component can be added into near electric field radiations. Using our new magneto-electric (ME) antenna concept and the balanced composite left/right hand (CLRH) metamaterial structure, a low profile near field with full 3-axis polarizations can be achieved.
The proposed 3-axis polarization concept is very new, rarely seen in today’s RFID and antenna technologies. Its low profile feature offers a huge advantage for both technologies and applications. The output of the project will fundamentally improve the RFID reading successful rate to solve practical reliability troubles of realistic applications.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Lijun JIANG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$1.05M
Project Period: 03 Oct 2014 - 02 Apr 2016
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