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Project Reference: GHS/020/04
Project Title: Development of RFID Reader
Hosting Institution: City University of Hong Kong (CityU)
Abstract: The rapid adoption of RFID in Access Control, Logistic and Supermarket Check-out Systems has created a huge potential market and wealth for electronics and IT industries. Nevertheless, European and American manufacturers dominate the RFID industries, which have restricted the advancement of RFID technologies and the consumer choices. In the past, the hurdles in reliability, the cost and the standard have jeopardized the development and adoption of RFID in massive scheme applications. The establishing of ISO 18000 standards and the advancement in the microelectronic and antenna technologies can overcome these hurdle and make these applications viable. To share a part in this expanding market and to provide a RFID design both in chip/reader and backend system design/application capability, the development of smart card reader is proposed. Through the collaboration with well-established local company Surface Mount Technology Limited. and PRC company Shenzhen GoldTel Electronics Co. Ltd. and with the knowledge support of well established CityU funded Research Center of Wireless Communication and ISF funded Smart Card Design Center, this can flourish into a solely made and own by Hong Kong RFID Technology. By creating an infrastructure of know-how in security / memory / antennae / data acquisition technologies supported by wafer fabrication in China / Taiwan and by market locally and worldwide, our competitiveness in Logistic Market can be largely enhanced.
Project Coordinator: Professor KN Yung
Approved Funding Amount: HK$4.60M
Project Period: 1 Mar 2005 - 31 Aug 2007
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