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Project Reference: ITP/034/12LP
Project Title: Indoor Localization, Tracking and Navigation
Hosting Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Abstract: Indoor location-based service (LBS) is a lucrative market with high commercial potential. It requires technologies on localization (knowing one's position), tracking (learning one's position over time), and navigation (guiding one from one place to another). Despite of much success of outdoor LBS based on GPS, indoor LBS is still in its infancy. In this project, we will develop an innovative solution overcoming many major technological and deployment challenges to offer WiFi-based indoor LBS. Through rigorous software development cycles and experimental trials in real industrial settings, the technology will be proven and commercialized at the end of the project period, making indoor LBS a truly viable business. The major techniques we will develop are to accurately localize indoor mobile users, algorithms to cost-effectively deploy and maintain an indoor localization system, and software platforms and apps supporting heterogeneous mobile devices. Our software solution is compatible to existing location techniques and serves as “add-on” to enhance their accuracy. With all the solutions seamlessly integrated, we plan to conduct rigorous trials with real users in airports and malls with our collaboration partners. This project will leverage on the rich R&D expertise, successful ITF track records and substantial industrial experience of the team. The technologies developed will be state of the art, with direct impacts and applications to industry.
Project Coordinator: Prof Gary Shueng-han CHAN
Approved Funding Amount: HKD$8.78M
Project Period: 1 Jan 2013 – 31 Dec 2014
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