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Project Reference: ITP/026/11LP
Project Title: Optimal Design of Novel Reconfigurable UHF Antenna Systems for the Smart Shelf RFID Technology
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: RFID technology is increasingly important to the supply chain management. The smart shelf system is a new RFID application concept for the automatic item tracking through shelves equipped with RFID systems. Due to complex interferences, limited space, flexible shelf configurations, and unpredictable material contents of objects, the design of UHF smart shelf antennas is a new technology challenge with promising application futures. Hence, this project will focus on optimal developments of novel reconfigurable RFID reader antennas and arrays to the smart shelf technology.

This project will develop novel UHF smart shelf reader antennas suitable for scanning books, boxes, and fabric objects. It will employ the traveling wave theory and planar antenna design principles to implement ultra-thin configurations. To greatly reduce the manufacture cost and increase the application flexibility, the proposed novel antennas will be reconfigurable. Advanced automatic optimization design flow based on optimization algorithms and computational electromagnetics tools will be further developed to address the troublesome interference problems in smart shelf systems.

This project will provide novel reconfigurable UHF RFID reader antenna systems for new smart shelf technologies which could be commercialized. The proposed automatic optimal design flow will make this project sustainable in the long term point of view.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Lijun JIANG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$0.93M
Project Period: 01 Mar 2012 - 31 Aug 2013
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