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Project Reference: GHP/059/08LP
Project Title: Use-IT-Easy : A Low Cost, High Performance Mobile RFID Platform
Hosting Institution: City University of Hong Kong (CityU)
Abstract: RFID technology can change the world – this is evident by the support of leading company Metro Group. However, deployment of RFID is not as fast as expected. Cost, ease of use, ease of deployment, and integration to existing processes are factors that prevent pervasive and large scale adoption.

To make RFID adoption palatable, it must provide a quick return of investment. Increasing operations efficiency provides such an opportunity. RFID has always been envisaged as a tool to facilitate quick handover of goods from one party to another. However, using fixed reader installation is not only costly but also inflexible. Today’s handheld readers are expensive, heavy and large, and are not easily adapted into existing workflows. As such these solutions are not even used in RFID deployments by Metro although tag failure at source is a common problem.

In this project, we aim to overcome these problems. Our project will develop a cost effective and easy to use platform that facilitates the efficient checking and handing over of goods that are tagged. It will be first tested and integrated into the QC inspection process of our collaborators, Metro Group and its suppliers before becoming a standalone killer application.
Project Coordinator: Dr. Andrew Lim
Approved Funding Amount: HK$5.74M
Project Period: 1 Oct 2009 – 30 Sep 2011
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