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Project Reference: ITP/018/09LP
Project Title: Service Platform for PRD Waterway Logistics Operators
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: Waterway logistics industry is an important contributor to the growth of terminal ports in Hong Kong. The exploitation of its potential as a feeding force in PRD for terminal ports business is greatly dependent on an efficient waterway supply chain. This project proposes a waterway logistics software provisioning platform (WLSP) as a means to help the industry enhance efficiency and competitiveness. We are confident that the project will contribute to Hong Kong through helping:
• the waterway logistics industry with provision of affordable logistics software applications;
• the waterway logistics industry improve the industry’s IT competitive advantage;
• Hong Kong maintain its role as logistics hub in Asia.

The project will help establish an environment fostering value chains benefiting all the stakeholders in the waterway logistics industry, via:
• Development of enabling technologies to support logistics application software provisioning, such that application software can be built from components provided by various software vendors for waterway logistics functions;
• Development of enabling technologies to facilitate customization made-easy and deployment of software services at flexible charging models, suiting the needs and affordability of enterprises in the waterway logistics industry;
• Development of a waterway logistics software provisioning platform (WLSP) prototype to host a variety of software services to facilitate the use of IT functions with business confidentiality.

Three pilot implementations will demonstrate both the resolution of prominent industry issues and various functionalities over WLSP.
Project Coordinator: Mr. Edward C Wong
Approved Funding Amount: HK$7.00M
Project Period: 15 Sep 2009 – 14 Mar 2011
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