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Project Reference: ITP/052/20LP
Project Title: Security-minded CDE for Building Data Management Using Distributed Ledger Technology
Hosting Institution: The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST)
Abstract: The architectural, engineering, construction, owner & operator (AECOO) industry is currently moving towards digitalization of building and construction information and its workflows. Both public and private sectors are increasingly using common data environments (CDE) to manage and share data such as documents, records, and BIM models for different applications over building lifecycle. Therefore, there is a growing need for data security in the AECOO industry, especially for critical or sensitive building and infrastructure. Current CDE platforms have three major limitations: (1) centralized system architecture that results in an uni-polar data ownership; (2) access to and modification of information in those platforms are not securely managed and recorded; and (3) lack of a standard method to facilitate separation of inter-related sensitive data and non-sensitive data while enabling decentralized data ownership and data use.
This project aims to develop technologies and frameworks based on novel distributed ledger and encryption technologies to enhance data security and traceability in CDE platforms with partitioned and decentralized data. Data structures and workflows specific to construction practices will be studied and considered when integrating CDE with the developed distributed ledger and encryption technologies.
Prototype security-minded CDE platforms will also be developed and tested in pilot industry cases.
Project Coordinator: Prof Jack Cheng
Approved Funding Amount: HK$5.14M
Project Period: 01 Mar 2021-28 Feb 2023
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