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Project Reference: ITP/079/16LP
Project Title: iPark: Core Technologies of Intelligent Ecommerce Logistics Parks
Hosting Institution: The University of Hong Kong (HKU)
Abstract: In recent years, Ecommerce has developed exponentially in the Greater China
region as evidenced by the trading records on Double Singles Day, while logistics
which deliver the orders has become a bottleneck. Logistics parks of various
scales are emerging in many provinces in Mainland China. But such parks are still
operated in a way of traditional logistics, failing to cope with the challenges they
are facing. For example, order fulfillment time is long and space utilization is low,
especially under fluctuating lumpy demands. One of the most critical factor is the
lack of synchronization at three stages: from goods manufacturers to logistics
parks; order consolidation within parks and order delivery from the parks to
customers. This is particularly serious when multiple stakeholders are involved,
processes and operations are complex and demands fluctuate. This project
proposes to innovate a suite of core technologies called iPark which will form the
foundation for developing a total solution for managing logistics and industrial
parks. In addition to our previous R&D achievements in Physical Internet, this
project will focus on several key innovations: (1) cloud asset technology will be
developed and incorporated including PI enabled base station, smart wearable
devices and smart mobile gateway technology; (2) smart buffering, smart
crossdocking and smart patrolling technologies will be developed based on cloud
asset technology; (3) synchronization and coordination mechanisms (both
theories and technologies) for multi-functional, multi-level and heterogeneous
assets in a typical Ecommerce distribution center; (4) synchronization tool for
supplies of goods from manufacturers to the logistics parks, synchronization tool
for order deliveries from the parks to customers and synchronization tool for
consolidation operations within logistics park, and (5) cloud services for key
stakeholders involved in the core logistics processes and operations of logistics
parks. The project will be delivered in two forms. One is the private form for a
specific logistics park (or distribution center) or an industrial park or a leading
enterprise whose members share iPark services. The other is a public platform
that is shared by participating Hong Kong small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
that are involved in Ecommerce logistics. Eventually, the platform will be
“transplanted” to logistics and industrial parks. iPark is expected to contribute
significantly to elevate the logistics services to match the Ecommerce growths.
Project Coordinator: Prof George Q. HUANG
Approved Funding Amount: HK$7.6M
Project Period: 06 Feb 2017 - 05 Feb 2019
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