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Tech Transfer Partners

Tech Transfer Partners

Afina Data Systems Limited


Ahead International Development Ltd.

Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department

BISA Technologies (HK) Ltd.

Hong Kong Police College

Blue Solve Limited

ICO Limited

Brand Meditech (Asia) Co Ltd

Kellon Energy Performance Contracting Limited

Campathnion Technology Ltd

NF Systems Holding Limited

Champion Lee Technology Limited

Platysens Ltd

Civil Engineering and Development Department

RFID System & Supplies Limited

Convergence Systems Limited

Schmidt & Co. (HK) Ltd

e-Best Digiprint International Ltd

Skyland Pacific Development Limited

E-Business Solutions Limited

Star Systems International Limited

Echonix Limited

Starwave Research Limited

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Superior EMS Limited


Vircon Limited

HACTIS Limited

Wynnewood Corporation Ltd