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Membership Terms & Conditions






Membership Application: Application for membership in the Centre shall be made by completing the prescribed form. The completed form shall be returned to the Centre either in person or by mail or through on-line submission.


The Centre reserves its right to accept or refuse at its sole discretion any application for Membership and/or the renewal thereof and is not obliged to give any reasons therefor.


Application Procedures: In person / By mail:


  • Submit a completed application form and a copy of valid Business Registration Certificate* to the LSCM R&D Centre office in person or by post. An acknowledgement of receipt will be returned to you.

  • The LSCM R&D Centre office will contact you for further information if necessary and will inform you the result of the application in due course.

  • For membership enquiries, please contact the LSCM R&D Centre office at (852) 2299 0551 quoting your reference number or email us at members@lscm.hk.


Online Submission:


  • Select "Member Application" under Membership and Benefits of the Centre's official website at www.lscm.hk.

  • Submit a completed form and upload a copy of valid Business Registration Certificate*. An acknowledgement of receipt will be returned to you.

  • The LSCM R&D Centre office will contact you for further information if necessary and will inform you the result of the application in due course.

  • For membership enquiries, please contact the LSCM R&D Centre office at (852) 2299 0551 quoting your reference number or email us at members@lscm.hk.


* Applicable to Company / Institute and Technology / Solution Provider Membership only



Membership Dues and Admission: Membership commences on 1 April each year and expires on 31 March the next year. Membership will be renewed automatically in the end of March each year.


Member’s Profiles, Logos, Products, etc.: The LSCM R&D Centre reserves all rights to review, edit, refuse to post and/or remove all or part of the information including but not limited to a member’s personal or company profiles and logos and/or information related to his/her/its products or services uploaded by the Member onto his/her/its account or provided to the LSCM R&D Centre through other means.



Transfer of Membership: Membership of the Centre shall not be transferred or assigned.



Rules of Conduct:  These Guidance Notes apply to all members. The Centre may change or add any rules from time to time provided that such changes or additions are not contrary to these Bylaws.


  • Members shall demonstrate a level of competence consistent with their class of membership.

  • Members shall not infringe intellectual property rights including but not limited  to  copyrights,  trademarks,  service  marks,  trade dress, design rights (registered or not) and patents of other, and shall give proper credit for intellectual property rights when usage of such right is granted.

  • Members shall respect the privacy of others.

  • Members shall be fair and not to discriminate regardless of religion, gender, disability, age, or national origin.

  • Members shall reject bribery in all its forms, and shall avoid engaging in work or act that leads to conflict of interest situation.

  • Members shall seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of R&D work, and to credit properly the contributions of others.

  • Members shall not distribute illegal, misleading, harmful, malicious, hateful, threatening, bullying, harassing, discriminatory, humiliating to other people, libelous, pornographic materials to others.

  • Members shall not send spam emails or otherwise abuse the service by using the contact information of the membership list to advertise their products or services.


If the Centre identifies a Member who is violating these Rules, the Centre may restrict or suspend the Member’s access to all or any part of the Centre’s website or disable or deactive the Member’s account immediately, with or without prior notice, and for such period of time as the Centre, in its sole discretion, deems fit. If the problem persists, the Centre reserves the right to terminate a Membership according these Bylaws.



Termination of Membership: Memberships may be terminated:

A. by resignation: A member in good standing, may resign at any time by giving Thirty (30) days written notice. Resignation shall take effect not earlier than Thirty (30) days after receipt of the notice by the Centre.

B. by expulsion: A membership may be terminated by expulsion as provided in Sections 4 and 5, Article I of  these Bylaws, or any other conduct that is seriously prejudicial to the Centre.


A member who has been terminated from the membership shall cease to have any right, benefit or privilege of the membership immediately.



Reinstatement: A person / company whose membership has been terminated for any reasons may apply for reinstatement as a new applicant only as prescribed in Section 1 of this Article I.



Personal Data Privacy Ordinance: The membership data can be used by the LSCM R&D Centre for membership related purposes such as production of the Members' Directory, issuing membership certificate, sending out circulars and publications, conducting surveys, or other directly related activities in print or on-line format. If you wish to make alternative arrangement or not to receive certain information, please inform us in writing. For unsuccessful applications, personal data collected will be destroyed after Six (6) months.



Amendments:  These Bylaws may be amended by the Board of Directors of the Centre from time to time at its discretion. In case of any discrepancy between the Bylaws and the Memorandum of Association of the Centre, the Memorandum of Association of the Centre shall prevail.


The LSCM R&D Centre reserves all rights to amend the Terms and Conditions on the prescribed form at any time without prior notice.




  1. Data, articles, links to third party websites and other information (collectively, “Information”) provided on the Centre’s official website is provided on an “as is” basis for information purposes only.


  1. By accessing the Centre’s membership list you acknowledge and agree that:

A. The member list and any Information publicly available on the Centre’s official website relating to LSCM’s membership programme is made available solely for information purpose only to enable identification of a broad range of new technologies as well as opportunities for learning and professional advancement.  As one of the 5 Hong Kong R&D centres subvented by the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, the LSCM R&D Centre is a non-profit entity that does not engage in commercial activities beyond the scope of enabling adoption of Government funded technologies. 

B. None of the LSCM R&D Centre, its affiliates or any other person involved in or related to the compilation of the Information makes any express or implied warranties or representations with respect to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the Information or as to the results that may be obtained by the use thereof;

C. In no event shall the LSCM R&D Centre has any liability of any kind to any person or entity arising from or related to any actions taken or not taken as a result of any reliance on the Information;

D. A link or reference to any third party company, service, product or website in the Website does not in any way amount to or imply endorsement by or affiliation with the LSCM R&D Centre.


  1. If a Member is in doubt about the contents of the LSCM R&D Centre’s official website, has questions or comments about such contents, or notices any errors or omissions, he/she/it should send his/her/its comments and/or suggestions to info@lscm.hk.


Last revision date: July, 2018