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"StayHomeSafe" Home Quarantine Support Solution

Electronic Wristband and Monitoring System for Hong Kong's "StayHomeSafe" Home Quarantine Support Solution

The Hong Kong SAR Government implemented the home quarantine arrangement and the relevant departnments need to ensure the quarantined person's presence in the designated quarantine premises and pairing it with an e-wristband worn by the quarantine person, the system monitors the tracking device remotely on the received signals emitted from the e-wriistband. The electronic wristband can be worn as a normal wristwatch. By employing active tamper detection, the electronic wristband will send out signals to the base station when it is being tampered. The Controller can access the Home Quarantine Monitoring System through Internet or a specified network to view the confinee’s status. When there are any abnormalities, the system will inform the related department to take necessary actions.

This solution has won a Gold Medal in the Special Edition 2021 International Geneva Evaluation Days.