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The Hong Kong R&D Centre for Logistics and Supply Chain Management Enabling Technologies (LSCM R&D Centre) was founded in 2006 with funding from the Innovation and Technology Fund of the HKSAR Government. Since its inception, the LSCM R&D Centre’s mission has been to foster the development of core competencies in logistics and supply chain related technologies and to facilitate the adoption of these technologies by industries in Hong Kong and Mainland China.
The Centre is hosted by three leading universities in Hong Kong, namely the University of Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. The establishment of the Centre marks the realisation of the concerted effort and enthusiasm on the part of the government, industry, academia and research institutes.


  • To be globally-recognised as a leading centre of excellence in logistics and supply chain management research and development
  • To develop niche technologies that differentiate and achieve excellence


  • Conduct R&D activities to develop core technological competencies in the logistics and supply chain industries
  • Facilitate the adoption of these technologies by industries in Hong Kong / Mainland China in order to enhance competitiveness
  • Focus on deployment in specific industries and industry segments in Hong Kong in order to make an impact


The Centre has been commissioned to be a one-stop resource for applied research, technology transfer and commercialisation, by undertaking the following roles and functions:
  • Conduct industry-oriented researches
  • Provide consulting and market intelligence services
  • Provide a platform for business matching and technology transfer
  • Facilitate intellectual property commercialisation

What Difference Does LSCM Make?

To the industry:
  • LSCM’s technology development is focused on niche applications but target to serve a broad spectrum of users
To the academia:
  • LSCM aims at closer cooperation to conduct market-driven researches based on each university/research institute’s expertise and technological strengths
To the public sector:
  • LSCM targets to provide a Public Technology Platform to forge technology advancement in different areas

Profit Tax Savings

  • On 1 August 2016 LSCM was approved as an approved research institute under section 16B(4)(a)
    of the Inland Revenue Ordinance
  • Any payments made to LSCM for research and development related to payer’s trade, profession or business or to the class of trade, profession or business to which that trade, profession or business belongs can be deducted in ascertaining the assessable profits of the payer under certain specified condition by virtue of section 16B