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Heavy Duty Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for Mini-storage Environment

AGV technology has been extensively used in warehouse environment for reducing operational cost and enhancing efficiency. Recently, this technology is also used to bring more convenience to our daily life.

The Heavy Duty AGV system developed by Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre (LSCM) is undergoing a trial-use in Ample Innovation Storage. The system is customised to suit the mini-storage environment. The Heavy Duty AGV, which is a compact and sensor-rich robot, helps to move the designated storage shelf from the storage area to the item collection area in the mini-storage. The customers of the mini-storage can also make appointment to access the shelf with the mobile application provided by the mini-storage company.

In addition, the Heavy Duty AGV is capable of moving a shelf with a maximum weight of 500kg. It can navigate in the storage area by itself, and the LiDAR installed in the AGV makes it able to avoid any obstacles on its path. The new Centre of Gravity (CG) and weight measurement function in the system enables it to measure the CG and weight of the goods before the AGV lifts them up. This helps to prevent the shelf from falling. When the customer requests to access the shelf, the central system will calculate the suitable path, and the AGV will move the designated shelf to the item collection area accordingly for the customer to pick up his/her own items. With the adoption of the AGV system, all the shelves can be placed closely together in the storage area. The space in the mini-storage can therefore be fully utilised.

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