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Projects Update

Smart Transparent Navigation Technology

Traditionally, the visually impaired uses the blind canes and follows the guiding tiles on the floor for the direction to their desired destinations. Developing navigation systems for the visually impaired has always been a challenge as the location information has to be highly accurate. And it is hard to merge the barrier-free facilities/ infrastructure, e.g. guiding tiles, into the overall design of the modern premises’ infrastructure. Besides, the protruding guiding tiles maybe dangerous to other users passing by, e.g. the elderly persons may fall when they walk by the guiding tiles. And the guiding tiles are easily damaged when heavy objects, such as courier trolley, run over them.

In this project, the LSCM team explores the possibility of providing guidance for the direction to the visually impaired without the use of guiding tiles. The RFID tags are embedded under the floor, e.g. under marble or ceramic tiles. A wearable RFID reader device will be used to detect the signals from the RFID tags embedded under the floor. The mobile phone with the navigation app will then analyse the signals of the RFID tags and provide immediate audio guidance to the visually impaired when they are walking in an open area without guiding tiles.

The wearable RFID reader device and the mobile app.

The user can follow the audio guidance for the direction to the desired destination.

AI Enabled Elderly Call Caring System

With the latest advancement in medical science and technology, the people’s life expectancy has become longer in the recent decades. Ageing population is a pressing problem in many developed countries. In Hong Kong, the ageing problem is also getting serious years by years. As a result, various care services for older adults are always in high demand which requires resources to address the issue.

To assist the elderly service industry in providing care services to the older adults and improve the problem of elderly loneliness, LSCM partnered with the Department of Psychology of The Chinese University of Hong Kong to develop a call caring system with the application of the latest AI technology that allows the caregivers to quickly retrieve the older adults’ personal profile and the highlights of the previous conversations between the caregivers and the older adults. The system uses big data analytics to provide customised conversation highlights and generate suggested scripts for the caregivers’ reference. It consists of a user-friendly video-chatting tablet app which is connected to healthcare devices to measure the heart rate of the older adults so as to evaluate their emotion. With the assistance of the system, the caregivers can provide care services to the older adults more efficiently and effectively.

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