Dec 2017
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The LSCM R&D Centre has received extensive media exposure on the Centre’s technological achievements in the local media:



Programme / Article

Publication Date


鏗鏘集- 智慧城市

27 Nov 2017


鏗鏘集- 智慧城市

27 Nov 2017



22 Nov 2017

Shippers Today Robotics bring the promise of efficiency and reduced manpower for the Belt and Road Initiative 22 Nov 2017
Headline Daily

電子鎖遙距監察 中港運輸快速通關

17 Nov 2017

Sky Post

機場智能化 明年以容貌辨識助入境

03 Nov 2017

Now TV News 機械人都同送貨員爭飯食? 03 Nov 2017
Oriental Daily

機管局打造智能機場 明年全面實施容貌辨識

02 Nov 2017

Commercial Radio


02 Nov 2017


2017 LSCM物流高峰會雲集翹楚 與東華三院攜手合作 新技術擴展至醫療界

29 Sep 2017

Ming Pao Daily

2017 LSCM物流高峰會 展示機械人技術把握一帶一路機遇

27 Sep 2017

Hong Kong Economic Journal

LSCM研發中心展示最新技術 物流配合科技 協助業界把握新機遇

25 Sep 2017

Hong Kong Economic Journal

LSCM高峰會應用裝備晒冷 物流結合科技捕捉機遇

19 Sep 2017

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