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Technology Commercialisation

Hong Kong Positioning Infrastructure Based on GPS, Beidou and Ground Based Augmentation System

In collaboration with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, LSCM developed the Hong Kong Positioning Infrastructure Based on GPS, Beidou and Ground Based Augmentation System. The system offers fundamental positioning infrastructure to provide multiple location-based services to support economic development in Hong Kong, based on the existing Hong Kong Satellite Positioning Reference Station (SatRef) network of the Lands Department.

The system provides technological advancements in surveying, logistics operation, Geographic Information System (GIS) applications, and location-based services in Hong Kong. It enhances the performance of the SatRef network by integrating GPS and Beidou, and achieves more reliable Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) positioning with the accuracy of 1 centimetre for surveying and engineering applications. It implements GNSS heightening in Hong Kong to improve the efficiency of engineering surveying.

This system is one of the key technologies deployed in the Lands Department’s Web-based Transformation Tool which provides an instant conversion between various coordinate systems/datums. This Transformation Tool is available on the website of the Survey and Mapping Office of Lands Department for public access.

Safety Belt Alarm System

Accidents may occur during construction work, as well as the installation, operation and maintenance of lifts when the work is done inside or near the lift shafts. Therefore, it is important to enhance the site safety to protect the workers.

The Safety Belt Alarm System developed by LSCM is a real-time sensing system that is used to monitor the engagement of safety belts at work sites. The system will detect any dangerous situations, such as the absence of the lifeline, the irregular positioning of the lock, or the improper engagement status of the hook, etc. If any dangerous situations are detected, the system will notify the site workers in real time to remind them to engage their safety devices properly.

The trial run of the system is being conducted in the work sites of Unistress Building Construction Ltd. to protect the safety of its workers. It provides an alert to the safety officer in case the safety belt is not properly engaged to the lifeline, or improper usage of the safety belt is detected for lift shaft works.

This system can improve the Safety-at-Work practice for working at height.

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