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Technology Commercialisation


Robotic technologies have become more advanced and mature in the recent decade. Many industries would like to have service automation and robotics solutions to help them save cost, increase efficiency and improve their services in order to enhance their competitiveness in the market.

The Deliverbot developed by LSCM is especially suitable for the retail industry and office environment. It was developed with artificial intelligence and modern robotic technologies, which can help to deliver goods and items to the desired destinations effectively and efficiently. The Deliverbot is capable of self-locating. The robotic mapping and localisation are processed via advanced 2-D LIDAR Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping (SLAM) techniques. It can move smoothly in the planned paths towards the destinations and avoid obstacles and collision. In the crowded environments where the movement of people would greatly influence the movement of the robot, its path planning process will utilise a machine learning based people-selection algorithm to make the best decision for path selection.

The Deliverbot is fully autonomous while human operators can monitor its various status in real time with a mobile app. If necessary, the operator can use the mobile app to take control of the robot. This provides a higher level of flexibility in its application.

The Deliverbot is currently undergoing trial-use in the office of InvestHK to help the staff deliver documents and items, which helps to enhance the efficiency in its daily operation. The Deliverbot can be applied in different workplaces to reduce the workload of the staff and boost productivity.


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